Sunday, 18 September 2011

New outfits!

I've been really slack at updating this lately, it's quite hard to come up with new material when you're just starting out doing something like this. I have taken pictures of 2 outfits I've worn recently, they're nothing too special, but still different to what I'd usually wear =).


  1. Hey hun thanks for stopping in on my page =) i absolutely love this blog its not at all immature you have really awesome/unique style i love it =) i am in love with the brown cardi you had on where is that from?well im super glad you commented koz i see you are also a nz girl yay! i def feel like we need more nz girls on here =) have a great week and keep in touch hun xox!

  2. Hey thanks love! I'm pretty sure that cardi is from C&A, I got it when I was in Prague last month. It was like $5! Yay love a bargain haha. Nz girls yay, yes I don't see many blogs from us kiwis, found a lot of Aussie girls which are just as good but it's nice to see what our own are up to =D. You have a great week too hun and yes we will have to keep in touch! Can't wait for another post! xx