Saturday, 20 August 2011

My first ever blog post!

So I'm extremely new to this, I don't think you can get any newer to something haha. I recently started reading other people's blogs, and found it to be a good place to get ideas and just a great place for a personal outlet. Lately, I have started realising my sense of style and the things I like, before I kinda pushed them away as there are a lot of judgemental people in my life, but I decided to venture out and start accepting the more 'out there' side of me and truly discover ME.

I have recently just got back from Europe, (specifically Germany, Czech and Russia) where I discovered people are not afraid in the slightest to be different and a little out there, this was a bit of a cultural shock to me, being from New Zealand where if you do anything slightly different, you're a rebel or strange; someone to be judged.
I have ventured out and done some things, I have a few tattoos for example, but even though they are beautiful and I love them to pieces, I'm still being safe, my only real out there one is my cherry blossoms which take up my shoulder and half my chest, even though they are big, they still have a slightly modest aura about them.

I have a few examples of this, slightly being different but too scared of judgement to fully do what I want, and never really doing more than one thing at once. Another example is hair colour, in the past I have dyed my hair a slight purple tinge to dark hair, slightly different but not that out of the ordinary with normal make-up and clothes, whereas I would really love my hair to look like this...

I'm going to start doing and wearing all the things I love, tattoos, make-up, unnatural hair colour, pin up, burlesque, pastels colours, bug jewellery, shoes, handbags... And much more!
So this blog is about me, discovering me, and not being afraid to do it. It'll be a documentation of all the slight or dramatic changes I've made and also my weight loss so I can fit into all the beautiful Pin Up style dresses and Burlesque costumes I love ever so much! Here we go...!

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