Tuesday, 30 August 2011

A curious observation

Recently I was reading Rockalilly's blog and I stumbled across this picture;

At first, I turned to my partner and said something along the lines of, "well that's just not right' and my reasoning for saying this at the time was because we shouldn't be exposing children to this from such a young age because they're too young to understand to which he replied "why not?", now this came as a shock to me for a couple of reasons, firstly, my partner is pretty normal and is happy being normal unlike me (not in a bad way, in an indifferent way) and secondly, yes, why not? What is wrong with this? What's wrong with wanting to grow up and be a tattoo artist? Heck it's a well paying job that requires a significant amoung of talent, I  have friends that are tattoo artists, and I'll tell you this, they are some of the most clever, talented, funny, successful, worldly people I know. It led me to this huge insight of how false morality is put into our heads from such an early age.

Why are we made to believe that all these things are wrong? Different clothes, make-up, hair colour, hair styles, jewellery, shoes and heck if you really want to get into it you can throw gay marriage into it among other things etc. etc. Now I don't believe it's the individual's fault, it's society's fault, unfortunately it's our culture here in this small country, which is a shame. I've noticed it so much more since I've been home from Europe, no one looked twice at someone with a half a metre high rainbow coloured mohawk over there, the disgusting thing is: I did. People covered in tattoos are allowed to work in customer service jobs and no one cares. Why should they? These people aren't lower classed, dirty or rebels or whatever else they get thought of. You can't even buy different clothes or make up here, you literally have to import from other countries or make it yourself, which just confirms the negative image more.

All these people that are out there and judge us for choosing to be a wee bit different (or a lot different), why? Do they want us all to look the same? All perfectly prepped in the plain styles that blend in like them? Am I harming them in anyway wanting to have blue hair? And if they don't like it that's fine, I'm not doing it for them, it's for me, but they still have to give their negative judgements and comments.
It begins to be hard to define what you like when it comes to doing some of these things between being what you truly like or being rebellious, and rebellion is not what I'm about, what I'm trying to do is try to block out everyone else's negative opinions from my head so that I can truly find out what I want for myself, I don't expect eceryone to change, I just expect everyone to respect my wishes, respect what I want to do and only comment when they have something positive to say.

Saturday, 27 August 2011


We went to a Burlesque show tonight, and I caught wind that there was going to be a best dressed competition, so I put on my Pin-up best and without sounding too cocky, by the applause I got I'd say I probably came 3rd ;) to be fair though the other girls were all scankily clad in corsets and not much else- next time perhaps? Haha. I decided to do my hair up in Victory Rolls, a traditional rockabilly/pin up hair style, so after watching many a tutorial on YouTube and deciding it looked easy enough I gave it a go... Turns out it's bloody hard! But here is what I ended up with and my outfit too...(I apologise for the terrible photos and regrowth haha!)

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Today's look

So here's what I ventured out in today!

Cardigan: H&M
Dress: H&M
Tights: Red Rat
Shoes: The Warehouse
Belt: New Yorker
Hair Bow: Bubbles & Thorns
Lipstick: Limecrime in Cosmopop and Oh No She Didn't
Necklace: Art All Night
Handbag: Lux De Ville

I also posted a couple of pics of my make-up from today as I've gone for something a little different than I usually would, usually it would be brown eye shadow, eye liner on the bottom of my eye, bronzer as a blush and a browny nude lipstick and gloss, but today I went for eye liner at the top with flicks, pink blush which I just bought last week and love and my new Lime Crime lipsticks.

Saturday, 20 August 2011

My first ever blog post!

So I'm extremely new to this, I don't think you can get any newer to something haha. I recently started reading other people's blogs, and found it to be a good place to get ideas and just a great place for a personal outlet. Lately, I have started realising my sense of style and the things I like, before I kinda pushed them away as there are a lot of judgemental people in my life, but I decided to venture out and start accepting the more 'out there' side of me and truly discover ME.

I have recently just got back from Europe, (specifically Germany, Czech and Russia) where I discovered people are not afraid in the slightest to be different and a little out there, this was a bit of a cultural shock to me, being from New Zealand where if you do anything slightly different, you're a rebel or strange; someone to be judged.
I have ventured out and done some things, I have a few tattoos for example, but even though they are beautiful and I love them to pieces, I'm still being safe, my only real out there one is my cherry blossoms which take up my shoulder and half my chest, even though they are big, they still have a slightly modest aura about them.

I have a few examples of this, slightly being different but too scared of judgement to fully do what I want, and never really doing more than one thing at once. Another example is hair colour, in the past I have dyed my hair a slight purple tinge to dark hair, slightly different but not that out of the ordinary with normal make-up and clothes, whereas I would really love my hair to look like this...

I'm going to start doing and wearing all the things I love, tattoos, make-up, unnatural hair colour, pin up, burlesque, pastels colours, bug jewellery, shoes, handbags... And much more!
So this blog is about me, discovering me, and not being afraid to do it. It'll be a documentation of all the slight or dramatic changes I've made and also my weight loss so I can fit into all the beautiful Pin Up style dresses and Burlesque costumes I love ever so much! Here we go...!